i + I = WE


Dance and Somatics Conference, 2015. 
Photos by Christian Kipp


The guiding principle of this performance-lecture – presented in 2015 at Dance and Somatics Conference, Coventry University, UK & New Materialism Conference, VCA -  asks can an autobiographical performance descend from the power of one to ground zero i.e. a space in which ‘negative knowledge’ can be co-created in the moment of (un)doing? Or another way to put it, can witnessing a dancer moving and talking, become a social event? Autobiographical performance has long been considered the performance of possibility and transformation as well as equally criticised as egotistical, solipsistic, self-indulgent.  

Characterised by exposing an ambiguity towards self this performance lecture re-claims the politics of representation through the practice of creative research and assembly; claiming self by giving up what I think is mine and embracing self from a place of form and theme; self then as strategy; chorus; authentic fiction; co-emergence.