With Tobias Stürmer

Of Two Minds explored resonance, counterpoint, and confrontation, self and otherness: what does working as a duet mean? What creative methodologies, or creations does it foster across – and among – diverse fields of practice? How is the duet different from other forms of collaboration? When does this experience of alterity become an experience of duality? And what happens then? 

As invited speakers Amaara Raheem and Tobias Sturmer presented a creative-practice research intervention mining their long term collaboration which has been inspired by a shared longing for, absence of, and belonging to several lands, linguistic and cultural identities. Although they come from different cultures, backgrounds and journeys they share a relationship to place that is both disposable and demanding. It is through this lens that they question and articulate topographical flights ‘diversity’ has taken in time and space and notions of searching for one's ‘roots’. 

Presented in 2014 at Of Two Minds Symposium at Sadlers Wells