Working with ten performers, this choreography explored the performance of heritage responding to object 89 – the Australian bark shield – housed in the Rooms of Enlightenment at the British Museum; movement, song and text interwoven to create a voyage in the imagination.  

The choreography was re-worked into a short film by Tobias Sturmer



With Royal College of Music 


Sourcing Latin American myth, storytelling, and the films of Meredith Monk, this work was a surreal fairy tale about the genesis of the forgotten lands of the world. 

Choreography: Alejandra Maturana
Performers: Mariana Amorim, Justyna Janiszewska & Amaara Raheem
Composition: Adam Luke Dickson
Photography: Eulanda Shead Photography 

Click here to watch performance. 




 A re-telling of the old Selkie myth about a seal who lost her skin to a man, became his wife and the ensuing struggle between her new life and the wild call of the sea. A contemporary reworking on shedding skins, and growing new ones.  

Choreography & Performance: Amaara Raheem
Text: Clarissa Pinkola-Estes 



With Sheep(s) 

Sheep(s) were awarded Dance and Homemade bursary from Chisenhale Dance Space for a research and development process to reflect on their individual and collective assumptions memories, experiences, training and histories as independent and inter-dependent dance artists, who are all shaped by the inheritance of British New Dance. In addition to making performance they investigated what it means (artistically and ideologically) to work within non-hierarchical structures.  (Re)Turn was an enquiry into common ideas, principles, and aesthetics. It was a journey to other times (past, present and future), where they used all their senses to remember, reconnect and reply.