“It has become symbolically charged, freighted with layers of history, legend, global politics, and race relations.” Object 89 from the BBC series, A History of the World in a 100 Objects. 

Provoked by object 89, the Australian bark shield, brought to England by Captain Cook and now on permanent display in the Rooms of Enlightenment at the British Museum, ‘Shield’ explores myth, memory and mobility. From the war-torn city of Colombo, through the blinding white beaches of Botany Bay, to the chartered streets of London town, Shield performs the topographical journey ‘diversity’ has taken in time and space and the notion of searching for one’s ‘roots’. A humorous, physical, political and poetic response to the Age of Reason.  

In collaboration with Tobias Sturmer. 

Performed by Amaara Raheem, Seke Chimutengwende, Hamish MacPherson & Tobias Sturner (musician) at Ovalhouse.