Camera by Dianne Reid (b&w)  
Concept, performance and editing by Amaara Raheem


submerge is a dance-on-screen made in response to receiving 23 Days at Sea residency curated by Access Gallery. It was exhibited as part of a group show at Footscray Community Arts Centre, 2015. submerge activates body, imagination and sea as an in-between space, exploring what’s just above and just below the surface of water, an incremental depth that is in continual flux and generation. submerge plays with notions of this body’s ability to keep afloat whilst simultaneously submitting to uncontrollable forces such as wind, tide and waves. Positioned between earth and sky, place and placelessness, above and below, submerge places stillness in relation to continuous motion, rise and fall.  

The cargo of this body – woman, immigrant, nomad, other  - is both here and there, contained and container.