Xavier Le Roy & Scarlet Yu

Temporary Title 2015 involves 18 Australian performers and is situated in the form of asix hourexhibition.  Visitors encounter a continuously transformingenvironment madeupofagroupofnakedperformersenactingalivemovementscoreonloop interspersed   with1:1   or   small   group   conversations   throughonquestions   on transformation. Acts of watching and listening are at the heart of the work questioning how we see, hear, sense and co-create the silent and invisible acts of change.  

After the project I was invited by Kaldor Public Art Projects Education Department to write about my experience in collaborating in this artwork for inclusion in their Education Pack.  

Here is the opening chapter of Magic Spells & Midwifery: field notes from Temporary Title, 2015 by Amaara Raheem: 

We are walking around the upper end of the scrub country, through the dry grasslands, lined with undergrowth. We do not know where we are but we like exploring. We choose a sunny spot to sit, rest, lie. We are part of a pride, following the scent of the river that swells in the summer, east of the prairie. When one begins to move, we all follow in the same direction, our eyes scanning the horizon. We are migrating across the borders of time and space. We are roaming the urban jungle, untouched by neither its difficulties nor its possibilities. We do not catch boats. We do need for the things that come in boxes or tins. We yawn, we rub, we lick, we smell, we listen. We are not waiting, for there is nothing to wait for and yet we know, as all of life knows, change is coming. 

We look up to catch a visitor’s eye.  

“Hello” we say, “Our name is Temporary Title, 2015. May we ask you a question?”  

The visitor nods. We claw over to him. He's a big man with weathered skin, bald, crooked teeth, maybe in his early 50’s. We assume he's a tradie, so it comes as a big surprise when he tells us he's a mid-wife. This man delivers newborns. We look at him anew. We are born anew in our own assumptions.  

We ask him, “What is falling in or falling out of love for you?”  

To begin such a conversation with a stranger is only possible if one of you is naked and the other, not. To begin such a conversation with a stranger is only possible if we are all participating, together, in art production … 

More writing on Temporary Title by Amaara Raheem

Presented at Carriageworks 

Amaara has been invited to perform Temporary Title 2016 at Centre Pompidou, Paris in September 2016.