live writing and performance at The Performance Arcade, 2016  

with Mick Douglas  

In this new collaboration Amaara Raheem and Mick Douglas are building a practice of generating writing-for-performance and writing that performs through live contexts, in relation to sites, chance encounters and circumstances.  They are exploring modes for the presentation and performance of their writing, focusing on the vocabulary of voicing and sounding, gesture and movement, and the potential inter-relations of the duet. 

In developing an elemental force through vocalizing their writing, Amaara and Mick undertook a short residence at Auckland University in February 2016, experimenting with the choreography of call and response, chorus and dissent, narrating and wandering, conducting and instructing, translating and non-linear patterning, writing objects and spatialising events. They shared words in fluid form, staging a liquid surface, taking audiences on words as vessels giving passage through sensations and embodied meanings.  

Writing into breathing. Word that flap, words that fly. Popping up in unexpected situations. Spatial choreography. 

Amaara and Mick presented ‘Wake’ – a performance of live writing – at the Performance Arcade 2016 in Wellington, 2-6 March.